The procedure of applying for a scholarship is individually determined by each university, and sometimes by each faculty separately. To find out how, where and when to apply, what are the recruitment criteria or what will be the amount of scholarships paid in a given year, look for information at your university. Remember that it is the university that organizes the recruitment of candidates for the exchange, pays the scholarships, gives information on the practical side of the exchange.

Below you will find basic information about the Erasmus+ programme policies and the possibilities offered by it, which have been downloaded from the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Programme website.

How to apply for Erasmus+ studies?

You can go on exchange only from your home university. Recruitment of candidates is conducted by the university centrally or in individual faculties.

1. Read the recruitment rules for your university/faculty for the given academic year. Information about the Erasmus+ programme and the rules for applying for the exchange are usually posted on the website of the university and faculties.

2. Remember, you can only go to a partner university cooperating with your faculty. University lists are available on web pages. Sometimes it is possible to choose another university, but in this case the matter should be taken care of beforehand, since it involves a lot of work, including writing applications.

3. Submit the documents required by the university/faculty within the deadline. At some universities, the next step is an interview.

4. After being accepted for the exchange, be sure to follow the instructions provided by your university or faculty coordinator.

When to notify your university that you want to go on exchange?

Recruitment for the exchange takes place in the academic year preceding the exchange. There is no one nationwide enrolment deadline for students who intend to apply for the Erasmus+ scholarship. It is best to start in the early part of the academic year by contacting the university’s office that coordinates the Erasmus+ programme, where you can find information about the deadline and the form of the candidates’ evaluation.

What is taken into account during the evaluation of the candidates for the exchange?

The basic criteria to be taken into account are the academic performance (average of grades) and knowledge of a foreign language in which classes will be conducted abroad. These are the criteria set out in the rules of the Erasmus+ programme. To apply for the exchange, you must have good academic results and know a foreign language on such a level, that you can take an active part in the classes and take exams there. The school can also accept additional criteria, such as active participation in the life of the university, scientific and artistic achievements, etc. Detailed recruitment rules and criteria for the evaluation of candidates are set and announced by each university. You can find the information on the website of your own university, by contacting the faculty or university Erasmus+ coordinator or in the department responsible for this programme.