Where do the Bulgarian seaside and the National Boards’ Training Burgas meet?


Between the 25th and 28th of August 2022, ESN Bulgaria hosted the National Boards’ Training at the Bulgarian seaside. Over 90 participants from the National Boards of the ESN countries gathered in Burgas, explored new opportunities and had fun together.


This experience was so excellent thanks to the great support of the Bulgarian National Agency - The Human Resource Development Centre. The executive director, together with three experts took part in the event and presented to the network new opportunities from the Support programs of Erasmus+ (Euroguidance, TCA and more) and the VET program.

The hosts from University “Prof. d-r Asen Zlatarov” Burgas made the stay and the sessions even better for the participants. Some of the long-term partners of ESN Bulgaria such as Responsible party also supported the event.

ESN Bulgaria’s volunteers are looking forward to the new challenges ahead, but before we move on, we would like to share how some of the participants saw this event.

Thomas Moch, President of ESN Germany:


  • How did you imagine NBT Burgas at first and what was the reality?

I really imagined it to be a great event, but I was still surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I’ve never been to Bulgaria before, but I think I will be coming back one day


  • Which are the new perspectives that this training event gave you?

Even though I have some experience as an NB member by now and have been to NBTs before, I still learned new things and practised, among others, how to pitch my ideas in a structured way - a skill, that will be useful within my further career in ESN and outside of it.


  • During the event, what was the thing you enjoyed the most?

What I enjoyed most was actually the positive atmosphere that was present throughout the whole event, during the program as well as the social part, it just felt like everyone was very respectful and at the same time enjoying themselves.

Youssef Sedra, National Representative of ESN Switzerland:


  • First time going to an NBT, my objectives surrounded knowledge sharing and learning from other NOs, being unsure of the content created. That was my mentality until the moment I met my first ESNer in Burgas and my reality was flipped around. Spending time with fellow ESNers in the evening with the next morning's motivated faces awaiting the bus as early as 20 minutes before its arrival has unleashed a new motivation and new standards within me, that were not only met but surpassed my expectations, from international guests and esteemed trainers to incredibly well-guided workshops and sessions with both amazing training opportunities and a great approach into the local culture through food and social programs. An Unforgettable international event.

  • Throughout the trainings, I've seen how the troubles of smaller national organisations can be applied equally to even the largest of NOs, and regardless of differences within NO sizes and country cultures everyone has put in and shared their experiences which have led to new resolutions, creative approaches, and motivated resolves to issues previously faced and ideas yet to be applied. 

  • Although this training has been held with the utmost professionalism, and great approaches, it was those I shared the trainings with that held a large place within my heart, without their constant motivation within and outside of the training that guided and motivated me for a long and fruitful future with ESN, thus NBT Burgas, with its kebabs, will always be an unforgettable adventure.