ESN is operating on three levels: Local, National and International.

International Level

 The International level consists of:

  • International Board
  • Council of National Representatives 
  • Annual General Meeting of ESN sections 

Also the following groups and individuals are working to support international projects and activities of ESN:

  • ESN Secretariat
  • Committees
  • Liaison Offices to European Youth Forum and Council of Europe

National Level

 On national level ESN members are active in National Boards (NBs). They are on the national level of ESN the binding force between the sections, but are also acting as a link between the local and international level of ESN. 

NBs organise national events and most importantly, National Platforms. During these platforms, which are usually organised a few times a year, all sections from the certain country come together to discuss all issues concerning the local, national and international level of ESN. As an example also new sections are accepted during these platforms.

As members of the Boards, National Representative inform the sections about what is happening internationally, and provide the International Board with feedback from the local and national level. Not every country has a NB, but countries without it should consider establishing one, because National Boards contribute significantly to the development of the network on the national and international level. 

The National Boards of different counties meet twice a year during the National Boards Meeting for cooperation, communicating and learning from each others practical experiences.

Local Level

Under the principle of SHS - Students Helping Students, the mission of all the ESN sections, the core of ESN, is to foster student mobility in respective Higher Education Institutions by providing prospective, current and former exchange students with services, support and guidance for making their stay abroad a success.

Local sections are offering daily assistance to over 150.000 exchange students, provided before and during their stay abroad. They are often supported by their academic authorities, helping them practically in creating for all international students an enriching exchange environment.

Each ESN section is usually run by a Board composed by different positions, such as a President, a Vice President, a Secretary a Webmaster, a Treasurer etc. In addition, many volunteers are helping the sections in their diverse offer of excursions, events, lectures and many other activities.